1. I’m getting file errors when using DSmaps, and on popping the microSD card into a PC, folder and file names appear corrupted. What’s going on? One of the libraries used by DSmaps has a bug which causes corruption on cards formatted with the FAT32 file system. This bug was fixed in the first service release of DSmaps, so please ensure that you are using the latest release.
  2. I used DSmaps 0.2a and my microSD card is formatted with FAT32. But I haven’t seen any evidence of file system corruption. Does this mean I am OK? Unfortunately not. Pop your microSD card into a PC and use the Windows ‘chkdsk’ utility on the command line. This will advise of any file system corruption (and will attempt to fix the corruption if the ‘/F’ switch is used).
  3. Should I use FAT or FAT32 on my microSD card? In choosing which file system variant to use, numerous factors come into play that vary from one user to another, and make it almost impossible to recommend a one-size-fits-all best choice. However, considering only DSmaps running with a typical 2 GB microSD card, FAT32 would seem like a better choice. The DSmaps tile cache comprises of a very large number of relatively small files, and applications such as this achieve much higher storage efficiency with the smaller cluster sizes afforded by FAT32.

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  1. Jason Watson says:

    It corrupted my micro SD card. Do you know of any way to make it usable again.

  2. Jason Watson says:

    me again. I got my SD card reformatted and I am good to go.

    If it’s any help, here is what I did just prior to it becoming corrupt.
    1. set home point at max zoom out.
    2. zoomed in about 3 times
    3.got a series of I believe it was “somethin’ something’ file 20″ errors.
    4.tried to use start to return to home position I had set
    5.got file 23 errors
    6. tried about 3 more times to get it to return to home
    7. frustrated, I turned off my DS
    8. Put DS in micro SD slot on computer connector (USB).
    9. files came up as unreadable and un-interfacable.

    Solution for anyone with this problem:

    for windows XP

    Start—–>Run——->”compmgmt.msc” (without quotes) ——–> right click on SD device. Format. Rename to whatever you like and hit ok.

    *warning, this will delete all data.

    To finish: I liked the browser, but I would prefer one that doesn’t need to be connected to the internet. Maybe one that has all of the maps for a particular region already uploaded. That way, it could actually be used on the go. Then again, it’s just an alpha.

  3. DMC says:

    Jason, big thanks for your help on this – I really appreciate the time you’ve taken to document the problem. Those error numbers 20 and 23 should be a big help in getting to the bottom of this.

    One more question: did you go for FAT16 or FAT32? In all my testing I’ve been using FAT16 but I know that another user with the problem was using FAT32.

    Regarding your suggestions for offline use, yes, I agree fully and this is documented as something I’m working on in the Future Plans page.

    Oh and I’ve just posted a warning to other users to beware.

  4. DBDrew says:

    (DSLite, SupercardSD)

    I am getting a lot of draw distance: too far back errors, even when I am zoomed in very far. DSMaps will just leave those blocks grey or put a pixelized tile from one zoom out on top. A ‘refresh map’ button might be helpful for this, but also for streets that get updated, etc. as once I get this error on a tile, it doesn’t seem to want to reload it.

    Using DLDI might reduce some of the errors some people were getting with corrupted file systems.

    Really cool project! I can see that this will be a powerful homebrew app when you get the GUI working and all the kinks worked out.

  5. Ikaro - Brazil says:

    For me all perfect, the program detect my wifi settings, and download is very fast, im geting all citys around maping for offline mode.

    Question! the PC directory map cache is the same as in the ds directory? i can copy to ds directory?

    sugestion for all users never place this program in the sdcard root directory! im make one and put then in!

    Great work!!

  6. Chris says:

    Very nice program.

    One problem for me though, when using with my M3DS Real with the Rumble Ram GBA expansion it activated the vibration immediately. It still continued to work while vibrating though. Just thought you’d like to know.


  7. DMC says:

    @Chris – that’s funny and most definitely not by design I assure you! I don’t have a rumble pack so might be difficult to diagnose, but I’ll put it on my list. Thanks.

  8. Curly Joe says:

    Unfortunately even with the 0.2.1.a service fix my card was corrupted too. I also just had FAT (not FAT32) on the card. It toasted all my files. I was gettnig Error 20 as well. If I plugged the 2GB micro SD card from my R4 into the PC all the filenames appeared as garbage and I could not find a way to recover my saves šŸ˜¦ . I reformatted with FAT32 and it seemed to work the 1st time. I’m just upset I lost all my saves. I wasn’t thinknig of backing it up but all my hard work playing Castlevania and Mario Kart DS are gone. I hope this helps you figure out what’s going on.

    On a lighter note I love the app. I hope you take it further so this thing can be used as a pseudo GPS. Thank you!

  9. Curly Joe says:

    By the way when I reformatted my 2GB FAT32 card I put the app in a PD folder. That seems to help with the corruption. Putting the app in the root seems to be a no no.

  10. Meatsplat says:

    ok…you have my interest piqued. I am sitting in my livingroom with my ds in my hand. I have already read your entire website. I go to download your inspired program and I’m confronted by some demand for a password. Eh? Not to worry, the (ugh) PC is in the other room. As soon as my battery dies šŸ˜‰

  11. DMC says:

    Huh? What exactly asked for a password? The mediafire.com download page?

  12. Nicolas says:

    Hi, I have an m3 simply and I installed dsmaps 0.2.1a, iĀ“m getting the message “Invalid Protocol Version!”.
    Need some help with these, thx

  13. DMC says:

    @Nicolas – That error is reported by just one place in the code, which is where DSmaps is parsing the first line of the response from Google’s keyhole server. It checks that the keyhole server is using v1.1 of the HTTP protocol and reports what you’re seeing if not. As such, my initial reaction is to wonder if your DS is connecting via one of those Wi-Fi access points that requires you to authenticate using a web page? Systems like BT Openzone, T-Mobile HotSpot, and many hotel Wi-Fi services work this way. Another possibility is that a firewall in your access point or beyond is suspicious about the HTTP requests coming from DSmaps. I imagine it would be very obvious to any firewall worth its salt that the requests from DSmaps are not coming from a browser (the ‘user agent’ header for one thing) and it may be blocking them as a result. So check firewall logs if possible.

  14. Nicolas says:

    Thx for the answer, now I have possible suspect, my ISP uses a non-transparent proxy, so I installed a transparent proxy (squid) in my house, so I can play games online with the DS, that has no possibility of setting the proxy server.
    I’ll try this program with another ISP.
    Thanks again, and keep up the good job.

  15. Nicolas says:

    I forgot one thing, maybe my problem it’s no with squid itself, but with the por redirection I do with iptables.

  16. MOTU says:

    I may sound stupid, but I just can’t make it work, I keep getting the following message “query error 11”, the upper screen only says Download, but it does nothing after that, maybe I’m not doing something well, I don’t even know if I have to download the maps from somewhere else, it’s just that I’m quite new at this homebrew stuff.
    Hope you can help me, see you, and thanks

  17. DMC says:

    @MOTU – have you looked at the Getting Started page? You’ve got your Wi-Fi network configured on the DS and available for use? I’ve no idea what “query error 11” means. The word “query” doesn’t occur anywhere in my source (I’ve just done a Find All to verify) and I don’t use any APIs to map error codes onto strings. So it’s difficult to know where that’s coming from. Are you certain that is exactly what it says? And where is this appearing – in the green text on the lower scree?

  18. Annonnomouth says:

    Well great. Just great!

    I am soooooo not downloading this till the kinks are worked out and now thanks to there being no visible warnings on the website my card is in the crapper. Thanks a million. Now I have to start allover again on The World Ends With You and Contra 4!!!

  19. DMC says:

    @Annonnomouth – No visible warnings on the website? Other than the three blog posts that mention card corruption, and the very first entry in the ‘Getting Starting’ page, I guess you’re right…

    In any case, my gut feeling has always been that the corruption is being caused either by libfat or the DLDI driver. A user contacted me recently to say that the DLDI drivers for some cards have bugs relating to unaligned writes (where the buffer does not start on a 16-bit or 32-bit boundary). Patches are apparently available for many cards, e.g. the following is a patch for the Supercard One: http://blog.dev-scene.com/barni/2007/08/28/7/. Google to find patches for whatever card you are using.

  20. xchip says:

    I just tried it and after pressing A to zoom in I’m getting lots of “libpng error: invalid distance too far back”

  21. Gripen40k says:

    I am also getting libpng errors, and when I zoom in so that the message downloading comes up, it doesn’t seem to actually download anything. It just sits there with a very pixelated image on my screen… Hmm, other homebrew apps work with the wifi connection, so there might be something fishy going on here…

    I’m using a supercard ds 1, 2Gb card with FAT formatting. I’m going to try reformatting for FAT32 (not sure if supercard supports it though…).

  22. HBF says:

    I use an R4 and I installed DSMaps to a Homebrew folder. I ran it, and it looks like it’s working, but it continuously says Downloading on the top screen. The bottom screen has some text. I tested my connection with Metroid Prime and the connection works fine with it. Does it normally take this long to download the required data?

  23. Shane says:

    File System Error!
    Welcome to DSMaps 0.2.1a!
    Using default home location.
    File open error 88!

  24. Chris says:

    Same as above, File open error 88!!

  25. I’ve got this error (88) too ! šŸ˜¦

  26. Philippe says:

    I use a DS Cyclo Evolution.
    No error messages but it keeps saying downloading.
    Strange while Mario kart DS – which also requires internetconnection – is working perfectly.

    Settings are DHCP.

  27. Philippe says:

    I have used now a fixed IP adress on the DS instead of DHCP.
    Everything is now working so DSmaps works fine.

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