Still working on it

It has taken a bit longer than I would have liked to finish 0.3a. The main reason for this is that I’ve had to roll my own UI widget library from scratch – not something I had anticipated doing. Sure, I could have used Woopsi. But having played around with it quite a bit, it wasn’t suitable for my purposes – the map panning and zooming effects that I do require that things happen a certain way with the VRAM banks, etc. And if I’m completely honest about it, I’m a bit of a control freak who likes things to work exactly how I want them to work! So I’ve ended up coding classes for panels, tab controls, buttons, labels, text boxes with pop-up keyboard, modal dialogs, etc., etc. I also had to spend a bit of time working out how to render anti-aliased text that was reasonably legible. Combine all of this with the fact that I’ve been really busy in my day job and personal life and you’ll hopefully understand the delay. Sorry!


23 Responses to Still working on it

  1. Falafel says:

    haha, doesn;t matter. I’ve been using your program to not get lost in other cities :p
    But is it possible you could release the 0.2.1a with a small added function of being able to cut of the “downloading” scheme?

  2. Josema says:

    No problem at all, I´m a control freak myself when coding. Thanks for all your work and try to do it the best possible!

  3. Curly Joe says:

    NP buddy. We are looking forward to it. I check the site daily for updates.

  4. Mgamerz says:

    Sounds good; keyboard, comment boxes… sounds perfect, except for the massive amount of folders. Autoplay takes forever, and my programs on ds cant run because too many folders;Good job though, I cant wait! Oh yeah, if possible, could you make an offline mode? If I’m in a car and accidentally go to a missing tile, I have to reboot as it’ll never connect…

  5. This is really nice, I’ve just had a play with it on my DS and it’s working well.

    Have you heard of Open Street Map? It’s a great project to create a free (as in beer & speech) set of geodata that can be used to make maps amongst other things. I for one would find it really useful if DSmaps could display the tiles from OSM as an alternative to the google tiles, it would be great when I’m on the road to find out if I’m in an area that needs updating! The URL is – I’m quite sure you can figure out how to access the tiles, they use the same spherical mercator projection as google do (assuming you’re using the full size google tiles).

  6. Andrew says:

    No worries dude I know we all appreciate the work you’re doing on this and look forward to every release. Keep up the good work!

  7. tko says:

    I can’t wait for the offline downloading of maps. I can’t walk 2 km here in Tokyo without getting lost.. and stuck with encrypted wifi ports 😦 and i thought Japanese people were nice.. I guess they are just not when it comes to free internet or asking for directions. No one knows how to walk anywhere here. Only by taking trains. boo!! 🙂 hahah fun awaits…

  8. moof says:

    One thing I’d suggest (if it hasn’t been done already) is make the “Set your home location” more difficult to do by accident. “The upper button is ‘select’, right?… crap.”

  9. nores says:

    I suppose you are very busy… and, in fact, i don’t really need this tool. But i found this program very interesting, and here comes my question. would we have to wait much more before a new version?.


  10. IMSancho says:

    I’m sure 0.3 will be out soon and am really looking forward to it. For those looking to pre-fetch your tiles while you wait, I’ve written a little Perl script to do it with files fetched by gMapMaker, which you can grab from

    Please leave a comment there if you give it a go, I wrote it because I’m trying to learn a bit of Perl so any feedback would be great.

    DMC, using 0.2.1a I am getting some corruption issues still, running a DSlite with supercard miniSD formatted with FAT16. Not sure what’s causing it, but it’ll just lock up part way through grabbing a tile, sometimes not writing a tile and sometimes just leaving a 0kb file there, which the next time I start throws a “File read error 139!” Will just wait for 0.3 to see if the problem persists, thanks for the great little app.

  11. IMSancho says:

    If you want to play with having the satellite imagery on your DS and not just the street maps, I’ve made another little script here:

    Which you can use together with the previous one to do just that.

    Also for any wondering my corrupted files issue has been solved (after a prod in the right direction from DMC) with a different DLDI driver, working perfectly now.

  12. xchip says:

    awesome! thanks for sharing!

  13. Chris says:

    thanks imsancho for the help

  14. sjoger says:

    interesting project 🙂 i will try it good luck on the new version

  15. leigo says:

    What a cool program! Now if you can get it to do destination searches, that would make this a great program. I hope to use this when I travel Europe this summer.

  16. ScrotumC says:

    ^^^ That’s what I was hoping to do…but I leave Tuesday morning and will probably be stuck without this upcoming feature packed version 😦

  17. Curly Joe says:

    I wish you would throw us a bone. It’s been over 2 months and no word from the creator 😦

  18. Calle says:

    will the next realese have satellite images?
    and use the touch screen?

  19. MrConman says:

    Thank you for this great programm !

  20. Phil says:

    Yeah, I was really looking forward to the update. It will be great for the long road trip were taking in a few weeks. Keep up the good work though. I can’t wait for the next release! The offline mode looks really useful

  21. Chris says:

    i think he abandoned us

  22. Elgamblo says:

    Could someone please upload the GMaps->DSMaps converter script? It’s not possible to download ist 😦

  23. Soren says:

    Im having a problem.

    when I start DSmaps up, it just keeps saying…connectic to internet (or something like that). I im on the internet, DS Browser is working ok. So what can the problem be?? How long time does it have to load the first time, you fire it up??

    Sorry for my Danish – English

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