DSmaps 0.2a released

Welcome to the first public release of DSmaps!

Download DSmaps-0.2a.zip here

Please see the Getting Started page for info on how to use DSmaps. This is just an initial alpha release to get some feedback. The core of the application is working pretty well at this stage and is quite stable. So you can pan and zoom to anywhere in the Google Maps world. And there’s a rudimentary ‘home location’ facility to save your preferred starting location. But as an alpha release, it doesn’t have all functionality in place yet – not even close. The lower screen is really just a debug console window. See the Future Plans page to get an idea of what I plan to add before I’ll allow myself call it version 1.0.

Edit: changed link above to point at latest release.


7 Responses to DSmaps 0.2a released

  1. davr says:

    it sounds cool, but you should put some screenshots up

  2. Marcel says:

    It’s very, very good. Maybe you can publish off line version? But how much space maps need? Or try to update this one with Street View from Google 🙂

  3. stephen says:

    really really good app….maybe you should make it so that on the 2nd run of DSMAPs you the folder in the root automatically hides itself by setting its attribute to hiden

    Thanks 😀

  4. stephen says:

    Also you should limit the amount you can pan because the area outside the world map (grey) shouldnt be able to be seen

  5. Eo says:

    Hey, nice App.

    There is an app to download tiles from google maps. maybe you can use it. for your program.


  6. Sonny Jim says:

    Yeah, I second that. Could you publish what sort of structure dsmaps uses for it’s directories?

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